Unlocking the AI Bounty with Direct AI

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Unlocking the AI Bounty

Whilst ChatGPT has fired the imagination, hundreds of AI advances are made monthly. Think of them as keys waiting to unlock hidden innovation in product, marketing and operations. We call this unlocking the AI bounty.

Accenture claims AI “high performers” attribute ~30% of revenues to AI. This is the potential reward for unlocking the AI bounty.

Not all AI and machine learning strategies are the same. Ours (Holistic AI) is rooted in real-world  innovation techniques and the experience of hands-on AI inventors (versus analysts) who have used AI in numerous innovation settings, often as part of strategic transformation.

From lessons learned, we notice that some organizations wait for AI to percolate into their IT stacks via vendor tooling (“Vendor AI”). This is too slow and only yields a fraction of the bounty, especially as it fails to implement a holistic approach to AI adoption, what we call Holistic AI, or “AI that works”.

A key component of holistic AI is what we call Direct AI, which is essential for implementing AI that works to unlock the AI bounty.

Direct AI means applying AI directly to key business problems–i.e. more “build” than “buy”. In truth, both are necessary. But the direct approach is often ignored because of incorrect assumptions, such as assuming that it requires PhDs. It does not.

Recent AI advances have all taken place within an era of technological acceleration, such as cloud computing, low-code and open source. It is surprisingly easy for technically-literate workers (“Citizen Technologists”) to access modern AI techniques directly and immediately add value, tapping into the AI bounty.

What that means is that right now, there are folks in your organization capable of applying AI directly to their work. As easily as they use a spreadsheet to perform numerical modeling, they could be using AI tools to turbocharge productivity.

Direct AI is a winning strategy for unlocking the AI bounty and tapping into that latent 30% of value hiding in plain sight.

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