Opening Frontiers of Value

Our members have been consistently opening new frontiers of value in industry for decades with global track records in AI, design and innovation.

Our Head of AI, Paul Golding, pioneered practical AI in mobile networks as early as 96 (see patent) and pioneered generative AI solutions in 2014 (see image).

Our mission is to open frontiers for our clients and help them leave a legacy of lasting value using innovation and AI.

Our philosophy is to build levers, not just solutions. We believe this can only be done using Holistic AI, which synthesizes design-, systems- and model-thinking.

We are not Powerpoint jockeys. We are real practitioners of AI, design and strategic innovation spanning many highly celebrated brands globally.


Abstract art image from portfolio

ai description of art

AI-generated personalized art description

Personalized and engagement-optimized art descriptions were generated using AI that exploited computer vision to analyze the aesthetic content of an image, combined with a language model trained on interior designer know-how. (2014)